80% of visitors never see your homepage  Most search and social links bypass your homepage, sending visitors directly  to the content deep within your site.  If you want these visitors to stay, engage them with quality, relevant  recommendations to the rest of your content.  All links are your own. We never promote external content that could undermine  your brand and entice your visitors to leave. Why this helps you monetize
Bypassing your homepage
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Start turning page views into regular users  Add Bibblio’s customizable modules to your pages and start generating  recommendations back to your own content.
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125% uplift in CTR on modules 10-15% uplift in pages per session 10% uplift in dwell time 20% drop in bounce rates

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Bibblio is built for...

Publishing and media

Medtech Engine The Telegraph National Geographic
Supporting publishing and media

Books and libraries

New York Public Library Canadian Electronic Library Boolino
Benefitting books and libraries

Learning and knowledge

The Day Proversity OpenLearn
Helping learning and knowledge

Do you use WordPress?

Use the Related Posts by Bibblio plugin to engage your audience with auto-suggested relevant posts from across your site. You'll be up and running in moments!

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Bibblio Related Posts plugin for WordPress

APIs for developers, by developers

Fast  Get started quickly with Bibblio’s simple and swift software-as-a-service.
Intelligent  Recommendations are powered by machine learning algorithms.
Beautiful  Entice your visitors with clean and compelling module designs.
Flexible  Plug-and-play or customize the experience as much as you like.
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Business folk  The race is on for people’s time and attention. Take the lead quickly and  cost-effectively. Okay, tell me more
Developers  The building blocks to generate smart recommendations are now at your  fingertips. Cool, show me them