Exploration, not exploitation

Currently, recommender systems are hooked on clicks and dwell time. As a result, the industry has sunk into an abyss of sensationalist content and irrelevant ads.

Bibblio wants to change this. Our unique B2B recommendation service helps content businesses build genuine user satisfaction and engagement.

Our values

Recommendations should be aspirational

Recommendations should be aspirational

Recommendation systems should reflect who you could become, not who you’ve been.


Recommendations should be transparent

Explaining why something has been recommended to you is more valuable than keeping it hidden in a box.

Recommendations should be transparent
Recommendations should be controllable

Recommendations should be controllable

Discovery is about more than how much you click, share or binge. You should be in the driving seat.


Recommendations should be challenging

Improve your menu with more wholesome ingredients, such as diversity, coverage, novelty and serendipity.

Recommendations should be challenging

Recommendations should be authentic

Recommendations should be authentic

These new windows to the world must regain our trust if they are to meaningfully guide us into our future.

Our thoughts on the subject

We're fascinated by the world of content recommendation, machine learning and how publishing and user discovery will soon adapt accordingly.

So much so, our blog publication, The Graph, has become the go-to place for genuine insights from our team and guest writers alike.

The Graph

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Who are the Bibblio team?

Around the world

We're a band of knowledge-hungry idealists based in London, New York and Cape Town.

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CogX Best AI Product in Media Finalist 2018
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