A flexible recommendation module  Customizing and embedding a recommendation module onto your content pages is  simple. Choose the best combination for your site.

Just by adding and removing classes, the module changes its layout, tile ratio  and special effects to suit your needs. It also deconstructs itself gracefully  on smaller devices. Have a play and see what works best. You can always  customize it further yourself!

What you're getting

A simple, fast SaaS
One-step integration  Drop our code onto your site and we will auto-ingest your content and quickly  display relevant recommendations. You'll be up and running within an hour.

Machine learning algorithms  We draw upon machine learning to offer relevant, content-based  recommendations. We are also moving into uncharted territories to account for  notions such as novelty and serendipity.
Machine learning algorithms Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Node 4

Responsive to monitors and laptops Responsive to tablet devices Responsive to the smallest smartphone
Clean design  Take the creative stress away by choosing from pre-designed, elegant and fully  responsive plug-and-play recommendation modules that you can drop into your  code.

Total customization  Our plug-and-play recommendation modules are completely flexible and can be  altered to your heart’s content. Alternatively, design your own experience from  scratch. It's your site, you decide.
Customise tiles entirely Overlay text on top of imagery

Reliable continuous integration
Reliable delivery  We use a redundant infrastructure, extensive test coverage and continuous  integration to maintain a stable platform, so you can be assured the service  operates consistently.

Safe data  Both your content and audience behaviour data is safe with us and will never  be shared with third parties. We store your data with Amazon Web Services, who  take cloud security and privacy very seriously.
Data is safe with AWS Under lock and key
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The heavy lifting is done  Simple content recommendations are easy, but really solving the problem is  hard. Integrating with cognitive apps, working on machine learning algorithms  and building knowledge graphs is a full time project.      Use our building blocks to swiftly integrate recommendations and get them  live, without the discomfort of ceding control of this feature to a third party.

It's even lighter with WordPress!

A WordPress developer can now very quickly run recommendations across posts by using our new plugin. Your posts are indexed automatically, leaving you to choose a module layout to drop into a widget, then you're done. Too easy.

More about the WordPress plugin

Try it now  With a free starter account you can add up to 500 items of content, make 25,000  recommendation calls per month and receive fulltechnical support. Claim a free account
Read the documentation  To help you get going, we maintain an extensive documentation section that  describes how to easily set the API up and get the most out of those endpoints. Read documentation