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A tool to increase engagement
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...a perfect solution for reducing bounce rates

70% of visitors bounce on the first page they arrive at. Our Circulation tool encourages visitors to engage with more of your content, so they stick around longer.


...the simplest way to increase site engagement

Get the engagement your content deserves. Bibblio suggests the best content to your visitors throughout their session, making them stay longer and consume more.


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Your audience is more likely to respond to contextually relevant offers. Our Promotion tool displays your most valuable content in all the right places, at the right time.


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Reduce your promotional spend by driving traffic to your commercial content across every page. Bibblio accelerates revenue diversification and helps improve margins.


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A tool to improve monetization
Drive direct internal revenue with Bibblio

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Happy users that engage and return


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Minimum 5x ROI


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At the heart of Bibblio spins an AI engine making millions of connections across publisher content. It doesn't stop learning and improving those connections, old and new, growing alongside the businesses it serves. As it's 100% automated there is no editorial overhead.


Pick a no-commitment monthly plan based on your size. You can get going using copy-and-paste snippets, plugins or our API, all supported by our comprehensive tech help guarantee.

Case Studies is a publication focused on experiential travel all around the world.

Recently named a Top 10 site That Makes Travel Easier, Bibblio helps visitors explore the site and offer the unexpected from the wide range of travel stories the site publishes.

Visit's site >

The Business of Fashion is the essential online resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs the world over.

Bibblio keeps these professionals on "BoF" for longer by showing them interesting and relevant content on every page of their impressive News & Analysis section.

Visit BoF's site >

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence platform that has provided strategic, business and corporate security analysis for over 20 years.

Bibblio displays recommendations on Strafor’s online platform, linking to the rest of their content, increasing engagement and retaining subscribers.

Visit Stratfor's site >

PC Mag is the online version of the popular computing magazine, first printed in 1982, and operated by Ziff Davis.

Bibblio displays recommendations on PC Mag's online US edition, suggesting similar news articles from across the site, increasing user engagement.

Visit PCMag's site >

The globally-renowned National Geographic Society's Education site provides an encyclopedia of the natural sciences.

Bibblio helps learners by displaying related materials at the bottom of each entry, allowing them to expand their understanding of the topic.

Visit Nat Geo's site >

SUITCASE Magazine is a curated travel style publication for both online and print.

Bibblio delivers suggestions across its categories, blending a mix of relevant and popular content to keep their savvy visitors surprised and entertained.

Visit SUITCASE's site >

The Canadian Electronic Library offers over 20,000 e-books (fiction and non-fiction) and 75,000 public policy documents within their online database dèsLibris.

Bibblio provides all the necessary tools for students and researchers to discover the right thing from such a vast collection.

Visit the dèsLibris site >

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