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Revenue models are shifting

Content owners are supplementing their volatile ad models with a more diverse revenue mix. This new spread across subscription, e-commerce, sponsorship and more is proving both sustainable and profitable.

These forward-thinking owners are looking to build loyalty, increase engagement and avoid churn. To do this they need an in-depth knowledge of their audience and smart ways to deliver value through their content and products.

Content owners are moving from running ads exclusively to a diverse revenue mix
Bibblio creates engagement and loyalty across your revenue mix

This is where we come in

Bibblio creates engagement and loyalty across your editorial, subscription, e-commerce and branded content mix.

Our full-service AI discovery platform recirculates and personalizes your content quickly and accurately, ensuring the right user finds the right content across multiple touchpoints. 

Whether you're a publisher of business- or consumer-centric content, you can make deep connections with your audiences by using Bibblio.

Case Studies is a publication focused on experiential travel all around the world.

Recently named a Top 10 site That Makes Travel Easier, Bibblio helps visitors explore the site and offer the unexpected from the wide range of travel stories the site publishes.

Visit's site >

The Business of Fashion is the essential online resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs the world over.

Bibblio keeps these professionals on "BoF" for longer by showing them interesting and relevant content on every page of their impressive News & Analysis section.

Visit BoF's site >

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence platform that has provided strategic, business and corporate security analysis for over 20 years.

Bibblio displays recommendations on Strafor’s online platform, linking to the rest of their content, increasing engagement and retaining subscribers.

Visit Stratfor's site >

PC Mag is the online version of the popular computing magazine, first printed in 1982, and operated by Ziff Davis.

Bibblio displays recommendations on PC Mag's online US edition, suggesting similar news articles from across the site, increasing user engagement.

Visit PCMag's site >

The globally-renowned National Geographic Society's Education site provides an encyclopedia of the natural sciences.

Bibblio helps learners by displaying related materials at the bottom of each entry, allowing them to expand their understanding of the topic.

Visit Nat Geo's site >

SUITCASE Magazine is a curated travel style publication for both online and print.

Bibblio delivers suggestions across its categories, blending a mix of relevant and popular content to keep their savvy visitors surprised and entertained.

Visit SUITCASE's site >

The Canadian Electronic Library offers over 20,000 e-books (fiction and non-fiction) and 75,000 public policy documents within their online database dèsLibris.

Bibblio provides all the necessary tools for students and researchers to discover the right thing from such a vast collection.

Visit the dèsLibris site >

Matt Martel
Business Desk

"Spookily accurate"

"Since implementing Bibblio we've seen its spookily accurate article recommendations drive a 2.5% increase in overall page views. It is so accurate we've now abandoned manually adding related articles.

"Bibblio is able to understand what our news stories are about and recommend the perfect related stories. In many ways, I suspect there is some witchcraft involved."

Matt Martel, Business Desk

A complete end-to-end solution

Bibblio is easy to spin up and runs automatically on your site.

With simple methods to get going, from dropping a code snippet on your site, to using our WordPress plugin or having full control with our API, Bibblio can import your content, calculate how it's connected and display recommendations in pre-designed modules or their raw form.

There are no cookies required, so there are no privacy or GDPR concerns to worry about - just one AI product with everything baked in from start to finish.

Bibblio's complete end-to-end delivery of content recommendations

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