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Bibblio is...

Recommendation content module ad-free service for showing your audience your most relevant related content

Our intelligent algorithms recirculate your content to your users via our beautiful modules. We don’t pull in any ugly ad spam and scare people away.


...the easiest way to increase your dwell time and pages per session

When people find content they love, they stick around longer and explore more, which means increased revenue.

Recommendation content module
Drive revenue with Bibblio

...a driver of users to your most valuable content

Create multiple widgets to promote revenue-generating content, be it sponsored, premium, paywall, affiliate, event, recruitment or e-commerce.


...always learning from your users’ behavior and improving the recommendations it shows

Our system gets smarter the more it's used, with a combination of semantic technology and machine learning powering our algorithms.

Understand your user journeys
Developers can get going easily

...a flexible toolkit for your devs, delivering fast results and saving you time

Don’t reinvent the recommendation wheel, starting from scratch and diverting your team. Machine learning PhDs don’t come cheap. One of your devs can have our tech live on your site within an hour, leaving the rest to us.


...a source of deep insight for your analytics team, providing better data about which content actually works

Our analytics help you to understand your audience and the content that they really want.

Bibblio's analytics dashboard gives you an overview of performance


Good recommendations = more page views = more revenue

132% uplift in click rate, 11% improvement in site engagement, 8% increase in page views

Calculate the monthly revenue uplift you could have with Bibblio

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Case Studies

Publishing and media is a publication focused on experiential travel all around the world.

Recently named a Top 10 site That Makes Travel Easier, Bibblio helps visitors explore the site and offer the unexpected from the wide range of travel stories the site publishes.

Visit's site >

Publishing and media

The Business of Fashion is the essential online resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs the world over.

Bibblio keeps these professionals on "BoF" for longer by showing them interesting and relevant content on every page of their impressive News & Analysis section.

Visit BoF's site >

Publishing and media

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence platform that has provided strategic, business and corporate security analysis for over 20 years.

Bibblio displays recommendations on Strafor’s online platform, linking to the rest of their content, increasing engagement and retaining subscribers.

Visit Stratfor's site >

Learning and knowledge

The globally-renowned National Geographic Society's Education site provides an encyclopedia of the natural sciences.

Bibblio helps learners by displaying related materials in the righthand column of each entry, allowing them to expand their understanding of the topic.

Visit Nat Geo's site >

Publishing and media

Suitcase Magazine is a curated travel style publication for both online and print.

Bibblio delivers suggestions across its categories, blending a mix of relevant and popular content to keep their savvy visitors surprised and entertained.

Visit Suitcase's site >

Books and libraries

The Canadian Electronic Library offers over 20,000 e-books (fiction and non-fiction) and 75,000 public policy documents within their online database dèsLibris.

Bibblio provides all the necessary tools for students and researchers to discover the right thing from such a vast collection.

Visit the dèsLibris site >

As Canada's leading digital library we're aware of the need to provide relevant and timely reading recommendations to our customers.

We chose Bibblio's recommendation toolkit as an easy and efficient way to provide suggested books and articles with minimal development overhead at our end. It has delivered beyond our expectations.

Bob Gibson
Owner and CEO, Canadian Electronic Library
Canadian Electronic Library

We needed better interconnections between our content, without more work for our producers. Bibblio did it in ways we couldn’t believe, at a scale we couldn’t achieve.

Corey Oordt
Applications Architect, National Geographic
National Geographic

Students nowadays expect a great experience, not just a list of content. When we recently acquired Gojimo, we were thinking about how to get more content we’d think students would love in front of them. That’s where Bibblio came in.

Mark Channon
Principle Product Manager, Telegraph Media Group

Due to the amount of courses in our catalogue, it’s vital that we display the ones that are relevant to new and returning students. Bibblio allows us to do just that, and they make it easy by providing a plug-and-play recommendation module.

Tom Bryan
Founder and CEO, OfCourse

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