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Bibblio helps publishers increase audience and revenue without invasive and irrelevant adtech.

Our mission

We help digital publishers on the path to self-reliance.

As publishers discover that a dependence on ad networks isn't a sustainable solution, they are diversifying their revenue streams to ensure their futures. 

We help publishers navigate that shift with tools designed to drive audience development, increase engagement and diversify their revenues, all powered by state-of-the-art AI.

The story so far...

In 2014, Mads Holmen and Rich Simmonds founded Bibblio as an edtech company. The aim back then was to aggregate great educational content on one platform, called Open.

By 2016 we realised there was a bigger mission to consider: How do we help all content publishers to recommend their most relevant content, not just in education?

To do this, a talented team was assembled to build a software using natural language processing that figures out and suggests relevant content for any website.

We saw this tech was actively helping publishers increase engagement on their sites. So we built easier ways for them to get up and running, from copy-and-paste code snippets to a WordPress plugin to full API access. Over time we also enhanced our recommendation algorithms using machine learning.

After several years of dedicated graft, fuelled by $2 million of investment, Circulation is the proud result.

Bibblio - the story so far
Bibblio - the story so far

With 80% of traffic to publisher content coming from search and social, we knew that regaining control of audience acquisition preyed heavily on the minds of our customers. To consolidate their positions, more publishers are looking towards self-reliance - cutting their dependency on the tech giants that govern their traffic and drip-feed revenue. 

Bibblio wanted to give publishers the tools that would help them drive their own audiences and diversify their revenues. So we created Syndication for audience development and Promotion for internal revenue growth.

The latter coming from a need to drive audiences to the content that makes money for them by better promoting it across their site. On-site recommendations targeting a naturally engaged audience are more effective,  allowing publishers to reduce their ad spend and increase their margins.

This is just the start in helping publishers become self-reliant!

Who are the Bibblio team?

Around the world

We're enabling publishers to work together against the stranglehold of online giants.

We're weaning us users off digital "junk food" with recommendations to quality content.

We're developing ways for publishers to share and trade audiences for a profitable and sustainable future.

Find us in London, New York and Cape Town.

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Our recent moments of pride

Startups 100 - Winners 2019 and 2020
Mayor's International Business Programme - Cohort 2020
Tech Nation Applied AI - Cohort 2019
Most Trusted Content Recommendation Platform - Winner 2019

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01 Ventures
Howzat Partners
Neon Adventures

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