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Travel Radar's Luke Willmoth: we're building engagement for our mobile user majority 3 November 2020 Vertical Hero Travel Radar talks to Bibblio about data-driven success, revenue diversification and the importance of mobile-first to their audience. Mobile publishing: common mistakes and how to avoid them 22 October 2020 Mobile engagement is up, but digital publishers see marginal returns on their mobile campaigns. These common UX and monetization mistakes might be why. Hindawi's Mathias Astell: being fully open access is key to success 14 April 2020 Vertical Hero Hindawi talks to Bibblio about the STEM literature publisher's open access, cross-publisher partnerships and their three focuses of SEO. New Scientist's Jo Adams: data is the beating heart of our business 24 March 2020 Jo Adams, marketing director, New Scientist, discusses subscription models, SEO visibility and methodical process in the latest Vertical Heroes interview. YorMedia's Andy Roberts for Planet Sport: get your engagement right 9 March 2020 Andy Roberts, director of strategy and planning at YorMedia Solutions, discusses Planet Sport in the latest Vertical Heroes interview by Bibblio. World Politics Review's Hampton Stephens: Subscription supports our mission 24 February 2020 Founder Hampton Stephens talks growth, driving engagement and converting email newsletters to subscriptions - A Vertical Heroes interview by Bibblio. FairPlanet's Murat Suner: the social media ecosystem is broken 10 February 2020 FairPlanet talks to Bibblio about publisher-damaging censorship by the social giants, tangible site performance improvements and harnessing Blockchain AFAR's Anni Cuccinello: let the data tell you if your ideas were right 28 January 2020 AFAR's director of audience development talks to Bibblio about their experiential travel publication's successes, as part of the Vertical Heroes series. Wholesome Yum's Maya Krampf: create for your audience, not yourself 3 December 2019 Vertical Heroes interview with Wholesome Yum's Maya Krampf, who tells publishers to know your audience, get them to follow you and make them your advocates. Dataconomy's Elena Poughia: our rule is 'audience comes first' 18 November 2019 Elena Poughia, founder of Dataconomy, is interviewed for Bibblio's Vertical Heroes, talking content focus, running events and doing sponsored content well. MJBiz Daily's Chris Walsh: our laser-focus on B2B has served us well 4 November 2019 Chris Walsh of MJBiz Daily is interviewed for Bibblio's Vertical Heroes series. He discusses maintaining business focus and the value of hosting events. Texere's Fedra Pavlou: our solid line between content and ads 21 October 2019 Fedra Pavlou of Texere Publishing is interviewed for Bibblio's Vertical Heroes series, about team culture, standing out and editorial integrity versus ads. Yoga International's John Daskovsky: be mindful of personalization 8 October 2019 John Daskovsky, CTO of Yoga International is interviewed for Vertical Heroes, and discusses personalization of user experiences and content quality. Fatherly's Mike Rothman: alongside content, experiential is a huge opportunity 23 September 2019 Mike Rothman CEO of Fatherly, the digital media brand for male parenting, joins our Vertical Heroes to discuss data in personalized UX and experiential. Finimize's Carl Hazeley: Start with making the best product imaginable 2 September 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Finimize's VP of Content Carl Hazeley explains how they've built a global community of over 400,000 users in under three years. pv magazine: Content marketing and events are our growth areas 21 August 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, pv magazine's Senior Manager Marketing & Events and Head of Content told us about growing their presence in energy storage markets worldwide. Digital Trends' Bob Gruters: We're doubling down on OTT 5 August 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Digital Trends' CRO Bob Gruters talks to Bibblio CEO Mads Holmen about the importance of finding users where they find you. PSFK's Piers Fawkes: our B2B publication works due to relentless iteration 17 July 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Piers Fawkes unveils how his B2B company PSFK helps brands and retailers build tomorrow's customer experiences. How to make money as a publisher: NYC pros talk monetization 11 July 2019 Publishing professionals from Digital Trends, Den of Geek, Texere Publishing and AWN share about diversifying revenue channels at our latest NYC event. Where the world of content is heading: London event highlights 9 July 2019 Find out from the experts at Culture Trip, Pragmatic, Zone and Formative Content what the future of content will look like. BOXROX: Our readership grows by 100-250% each year 4 July 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Editor-in-Chief and Senior Account Manager at BOXROX share their story behind an impressive readership growth. Don't try to game the system: Philly publishers on audience development 2 July 2019 Publishing professionals in Philadelphia share their takes on digital transitions, sponsored content, how to do social and newsletters well, and more.'s Joachim Eeckhout: We're providing an attractive membership without a paywall 26 June 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio's CEO Mads Holmen talks with's Joachim Eeckhout about the launch of their membership offer. Torque's Emily Schiola: There's always an untapped community waiting to share experiences 11 June 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Torque's editor Emily Schiola told Bibblio CEO Mads Holmen about engaging the WordPress community. Highsnobiety's Daniel Neumayer: Not building our business model on sheer scale enabled success 5 June 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio's CEO Mads Holmen talked with Highsnobiety's Daniel Neumayer about the success of their streetwear blog. SUITCASE's Serena Guen: Our magazine subscription sales are growing 150% year on year 30 May 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio's CEO Mads Holmen asked SUITCASE Group's founder Serena Guen about her multimedia travel magazine. Simple Flying's Arran Rice: Our returning visitor rate is growing month over month 14 May 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio’s CEO Mads Holmen asked Simple Flying's founder Arran Rice about his journey to running a successful vertical publication. What makes the B2B publishing space in London tick? 12 April 2019 Find out from B2B publishers Dennis, Computer Weekly, Architects' Journal and UKAuthority how they acquire audiences, engage with readers and generate revenue. Do the basics well or no one’s going to care: This and other insights from Berlin publishers 28 March 2019 Contributors from vertical publications in Berlin shared their insights about audience acquisition and monetization in publishing. In this post you'll read the highlights and are able to grab the presentation slides too. Designing a content recommendation module 26 March 2019 Bibblio's co-founder and UX lead, Rich Simmonds, discusses the design factors that went into the creation of their content recommendation module. If you can’t beat them, jam them 6 February 2019 What if it's time to go rogue against the massive tech companies that are farming us for data. Can we subvert their activities? Can we live duplicitously to keep our true digital selves more genuine? In the end, can we actually switch off? Dennis Publishing and BuyaCar: how to get in pole position for digital revenue diversification 18 December 2018 Find out the from Pete Wootton, Head of Digital at Dennis Publishing, how the company is projected to make 40% of its revenue from e-commerce in 2018. This comes from his talk at ‘The Present & Future of Publishing’ event, put on by Bibblio, Media Voices, What’s New In Publishing and Sovrn Holdings. The Present & Future of Publishing: The Media Moments 2018 Report 13 December 2018 Find out what we learnt from the Media Moments 2018 report, produced by Media Voices for What’s New In Publishing, which explores seven key areas which have influenced the media and publishing industry this year, with a look forward to 2019. Building a related article recommender system 6 December 2018 Find out what we learned at the 7th RecSys London. Maya Hristakeva, who works at Elsevier, gave a talk titled: ‘Beyond Collaborative Filtering: Learning to Rank Research Articles’. Here's a detailed recap on how her team built, iterated and improved the Science Direct related article recommender. What's The Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin? 4 Options Compared 28 November 2018 Increasing revenue is a key aim for a lot of Bibblio's plugin users. One way to take advantage of the increased page views Bibblio brings is with display ads, but managing them on WordPress can be tricky, so we've reviewed 4 of the best dedicated WordPress ad management plugins for you. How can digital media and publishing diversify audience acquisition? Part II 15 November 2018 We asked the Berlin digital media and publishing community about the future of audience acquisition, and the role of diversification, and this is what they told us. In Part II of the panel discussion we cover syndication and cross-pollination, subscription, and more. How can digital media and publishing diversify audience acquisition? Part I 9 November 2018 We asked the Berlin digital media and publishing community about the future of audience acquisition, and the role of diversification, and this is what they told us. In Part I of the panel discussion we cover growth vs diversification, the importance of direct traffic, and more. Your guide to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor 25 October 2018 Learn all about the new Gutenberg Editor that will soon be coming to WordPress: what it is, what the new features are, and a walkthrough of how can you use them to make creating WordPress content a simpler and more intuitive experience (fingers crossed). Diversification in Digital Media and Publishing: Part II 15 October 2018 Part II of the highlights of our panel discussion from Future of Media and Publishing New York: we discuss evolving commercial strategy, moving to a digital first publisher, long-term thinking in publishing, branded content, subscription and new horizons. Diversification in Digital Media and Publishing: Part I 11 October 2018 Part I of the highlights of our panel discussion from Future of Media and Publishing New York: we discuss traffic sources, Facebook and social, metrics, audience loyalty, video and monetization. Enthusiast Media: a new way to think about digital? 4 October 2018 What we learnt from the latest Future of Media and Publishing from NYC: part 1 is all about Enthusiast Media, a new mental model for publishers explained by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez. Learn what it is, how it works, and whether it can help you. Metrics, channels, innovation and trust: what’s on the minds of digital publishers 28 September 2018 Here's round two of our recap of the State of Media and Digital Publishing, focussing on the views of our panel on a number of topics: metrics to measure, important acquisition channels, trust issues for publishers with advertising and where the future is taking us. Does Digital Publishing Success Mean Going Analogue? 25 September 2018 Find out what we learnt about print, digital transformation and the future of native advertising and content marketing at the first State of Media and Digital Publishing, put on by Bibblio and 93 Digital at WeWork Shoreditch on 11 September 2018. What can AI really do for publishing? 16 July 2018 Catch the highlights from the talks by Isabel Thomspon, Senior Strategy Analyst from Holtzbrinck, and our co-founder and CEO Mads Holmen at The Society of Scholarly Publishing's event: 'Humans, AI, and Decision Making' - how can we make use of data to help us make better decisions? A digital librarian for all 10 July 2018 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at The London Festival of Learning highlighting what good recommendations can mean for learning: find out why it’s vital for any platform interacting with (lifelong) learners, teachers or researchers. Reaching for the Sky at our latest recommender systems meetup 4 July 2018 Find out what we learned at our fifth Recsys London meetup. With a Principal Data Scientist from Sky, a Data Science Consultant and Marketeer, and a Senior Research Engineer from Sky all contributing, there were lots of great insights! Our favourite takeaways: food, dating and other recommendations 25 June 2018 Get the insights from Bibblio Events' inaugural Recommender Systems Meetup in Berlin: RecSys Berlin. We learn all about how dating and food sometimes need different approaches - and different ways of doing recommendations too ;) More thought-provoking comments from Berlin's publishing experts 20 June 2018 Earlier this month, Bibblio went to Berlin to launch the Future of Media & Publishing series, bringing together professionals who work in publishing, online media and media-tech to discuss the best ways forward in the world of content. Here are the six best quotes, and what we should take away. AI: The threat or cure for media? 18 June 2018 Read our roundup of the panel 'AI: The threat or cure for media?', from CogX 2018. We've got the takeaways featuring Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large for Tech Crunch, Grace Boswood, COO, Design and Engineering at the BBC, Dan Gilbert, Director of Data for News UK, and Bibblio’s Mads Holmen. What We Learnt at Our Inaugural Recommender Meetup in NYC 24 May 2018 Find out what we learnt from the presentations at the inaugural RecSys New York City meetup - there were lots of great insights on the right systems to solve problems from recommending news stories, to music and recipe recommendations! Five more takes on online media and publishing in 2018 15 May 2018 Find out what we discovered from the great panel and speakers at the first edition of the Future of Media and Publishing Meetup in New York - some great wisdom on diversity, collaboration and innovation. Food for thought from London: the future of recommender systems 1 May 2018 Discover what happened at the last get together of the RecSys London meetup - three great talks for anyone interested in algorithm development and recommender systems! (and pizza, courtesy of our friends at Deliveroo) The decline of Facebook referral traffic: It’s time to get bullish about SEO again 28 March 2018 With the decline of social referral traffic from Facebook, what can publishers and media do to replace lost visits? The answer lies in the resurgence of Google: work on your SEO, build a loyal audience and don't mourn the loss of poor quality traffic. The view from London: five insights on the future of digital media and publishing 20 March 2018 Takeaways from the 2nd Future of Media & Publishing London meetup in March 2018. Hosted at Work.Life in Clerkenwell. Presentations and debate by speakers from Dennis, The Memo, Blockmetry and Pugpig, with recommended top tools to help users navigate the web and catch up on great content. 4 predictions for digital media and publishing in 2018 that you need to understand 23 February 2018 As the dust settles around all of the predictions for 2018, we've selected the ones that digital content businesses really need to understand to thrive this year. Insights from an evening with recommender systems experts 8 February 2018 Bibblio Labs organised the third RecSys meetup in London, and we heard all about hacking a recommender, evaluation metrics and production tools for recommenders What are the three ways to build a recommender system when you don’t have audience data? 6 February 2018 Learn three ways to build a recommender system when you don't have data on your users or audience from data scientist and algorithm builder Dr. Mahbub Gani What matters most when building algorithms - people, process or code? 1 February 2018 Learn the formula behind Bibblio’s method for building algorithms for its recommender system: harnessing the whole team and valuing process as well as code. Why personalization isn't a silver bullet for publishing & media 18 January 2018 Personalization is often presented as the solution to solve all publishers' challenges in audience engagement and retention, but is it really a silver bullet? 10 people and sites to follow in 2018 who get digital media and publishing 11 January 2018 Find out who you should be following to get the real story of where media and publishing are headed in 2018 #pivottoreaders A new goal for digital publishers in 2018: your loyalty metric 4 January 2018 As publishers strive to establish diverse revenue streams, they need to cultivate a loyal audience. Read how a recommender system can help get devoted users. Naughty or Nice? 19 December 2017 In the world of digital media, not everyone has been good this year. We’re publishing Santa’s naughty and nice list. Winning as a modern content business: what would you recommend? 12 December 2017 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at AI Summit with the Department of International Trade talking content recommendation: find out why it’s vital to content companies The secret lives of algorithms 30 November 2017 Algorithms have a big impact, but their workings are often hidden. This lack of transparency has led to diminishing public trust in them. How can we do better? Making the most of every page 28 November 2017 Article pages can’t just tell great stories anymore. They have to perform the function of a homepage too. Find out how good recommendations help you do this. Refinding relevance on the web 15 November 2017 Fighting the good fight can feel a bit lonely. This is why we're excited about Refind, a platform facilitating content discovery without increasing the noise. In the land of content, relevance is king 7 November 2017 Publishers and industry partners came together to examine the opportunities in the digital publishing sector at the 2017 AOP Digital Publishing Convention. Taking a leap into the deep learning space 27 October 2017 Head of Bibblio Labs, Robbert van der Pluijm, talks deep learning at the 8th Recommender Systems meetup in Amsterdam, in October 2017. Where stories and ideas in Russia find a home 10 October 2017 The most important approaches when growing an independent subscription platform, according to a Moscow publisher. Beating to the rhythm of Modern Drummer 29 September 2017 How Modern Drummer, the dedicated magazine, is leveraging their archive and social following to grow their business. A Crisis of Attention - Part II 26 September 2017 Mads Holmen, co-founder of Bibblio, argues that content quality and putting users first could be the dominant force shaping the future of media and publishing. Streaming architecture to the rescue 26 September 2017 Bibblio's Lead Data Scientist Dr Mahbub Gani presents how streaming architecture solved the recommendation company's scale and catalogue updating. A Crisis of Attention 1 August 2017 The internet wants our attention, but what do we want from the internet? Our other blog is a Medium 26 July 2017 As you'll have noticed, our shiny new blog on our shiny new website is a bit empty - that's because previously we published all of our pieces to Medium. The future comes highly recommended 2 March 2017 Curation has always been the basis of great collections, from libraries to art exhibitions. The digital future will be no different, but now we have algorithms. Advertising vs Subscription 9 February 2017 Discover how media businesses like Medium and NYT are adapting to the emerging post-advertising landscape through subscription models and user-first strategies. Clicks vs Satisfaction 2 November 2016 There's always been competition for traffic, but some sites are now putting metrics over people, chasing clicks in search of ad revenue. Readers deserve better.