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Content recommendations are set to improve for WordPress users

One of the results of living in a world of digital overload is that recommendations have definitively muscled their way to the forefront of how we consume media. The Discover Weekly playlist of recommendations for each Spotify user has been so successful that it has "completely changed" the way the company thinks about how it keeps users happy.

Recommendations are hardly less important to Netflix, which back in 2016 declared that it’s film recommendations were worth $1billion a year - presumably that figure has only risen since. Finding the right content for somebody at the right time is now perhaps the main question the best content companies are thinking about, and getting it right can make you a market leader and provide significant competitive benefits.

Recommendation, and the bigger problem space it forms part of, ‘content discovery’, are also key to how digital publishers make money. Whether you operate an ad-driven model or have paying subscribers, it’s essential that users can find great content easily, or impressions and engagement rates will fall, and revenues with them. But if you’re not Netflix or Spotify, with millions and millions to spend on a proprietary recommendation system powered by the latest algorithms, how do you find the right content and get it to users?

Related Posts by Bibblio in situThat’s the question we’re answering at Bibblio, with ad-free content suggestions powered by the latest machine learning techniques in customizable on-page modules, getting the right content to the right visitor, every time. We want to make the web a better place for both publishers and users. Everyone should have access to this sort of technology without having to alienate users or ruin their experience with low quality ads inside Taboola or Outbrain modules.

We built and launched an API at the start of this year that allows anyone to have smart recommendations on their site. Then, we started to think about ways we could make it even easier for lots of people to use Bibblio: becoming a member of the WordPress community seemed like the obvious answer - people kept asking us whether we had a plugin!

Bibblio CEO Mads Holmen (right) at WordCamp, DenverWordPress is an incredible tool, powering more than 25% of the world’s websites and creating a real sense of ownership and evangelism among its users. We think it’s a great place for a company trying to make the web a better place to be. We experienced the unique WordPress ethos firsthand at WordCamp in Denver and Brighton, and it’s an incredibly open, helpful and fun environment to work in. People care.

So we’re launching Related Posts by Bibblio, a plugin which will allow anyone on WordPress to get all the power of Bibblio’s recommendation engine onto their WordPress site in a few minutes. It’s the latest recommendation technology, delivered via API so it won’t blow up your server or slow down your site. In keeping with the WordPress spirit there is an entry plan that’s free, forever. Our technology, including all module designs and support, is for everyone, not just premium customers. We cater for blogs with a hundred posts and premium publishers with millions of views.

Going forward our mission on WordPress is to help connect the community through content: allowing sites to share audiences and help users find the best content, maybe even on other WordPress sites. YouTubers, for example, learned a while back that rather than competing for audiences with similar interests, they share them. When the user wins, the community wins.

The first step is helping WordPress sites connect their own users to their best content, and that’s what we’ve done by launching Related Posts by Bibblio. We’re confident that it will mean a better experience for users and a hassle free way to increase revenue for sites.

As part of our launch we’re giving the first ten early-adopters the chance to get Bibblio for the princely sum of nothing for one year! Then there's a 30% discount forever. The next twenty will get the 30% discount as well. First come, first served.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Publishing in peril

Web users have enjoyed free access to content for years, which has meant some digital publishers are having a tough time of it. To make money they either put up a paywall or rely on ads and clickbait. Google and Facebook offer easy ways to share content, but these referrals are fickle, hard to monetize, and dependent on algorithms that can change in a heartbeat.

In this ecosystem, quality journalism cannot thrive, replaced instead by sensationalist content and filter-bubbled fake news. The experience for users is jumbled and distracting, putting customer loyalty at serious risk.

Help is at hand

Bibblio's discovery platform lets publishers increase engagement, build loyalty and improve how they monetize. Our AI understands the context of each content item, recommending it at the right place and time, recirculating the publisher's content and personalizing their audience's experiences across any touchpoint.

Using either light-touch self-serve tools or running deeper integrations with support from Bibblio's engineers, these successful publishers have found smarter ways to deliver value through their sites, gain a better understanding of their audience and return their focus to quality editorial.