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Mobile publishing: common mistakes and how to avoid them 22 October 2020 Mobile engagement is up, but digital publishers see marginal returns on their mobile campaigns. These common UX and monetization mistakes might be why. How to make money as a publisher: NYC pros talk monetization 11 July 2019 Publishing professionals from Digital Trends, Den of Geek, Texere Publishing and AWN share about diversifying revenue channels at our latest NYC event. Simple Flying's Arran Rice: Our returning visitor rate is growing month over month 14 May 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio’s CEO Mads Holmen asked Simple Flying's founder Arran Rice about his journey to running a successful vertical publication. Dennis Publishing and BuyaCar: how to get in pole position for digital revenue diversification 18 December 2018 Find out the from Pete Wootton, Head of Digital at Dennis Publishing, how the company is projected to make 40% of its revenue from e-commerce in 2018. This comes from his talk at ‘The Present & Future of Publishing’ event, put on by Bibblio, Media Voices, What’s New In Publishing and Sovrn Holdings. The Present & Future of Publishing: The Media Moments 2018 Report 13 December 2018 Find out what we learnt from the Media Moments 2018 report, produced by Media Voices for What’s New In Publishing, which explores seven key areas which have influenced the media and publishing industry this year, with a look forward to 2019. What's The Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin? 4 Options Compared 28 November 2018 Increasing revenue is a key aim for a lot of Bibblio's plugin users. One way to take advantage of the increased page views Bibblio brings is with display ads, but managing them on WordPress can be tricky, so we've reviewed 4 of the best dedicated WordPress ad management plugins for you. How can digital media and publishing diversify audience acquisition? Part I 9 November 2018 We asked the Berlin digital media and publishing community about the future of audience acquisition, and the role of diversification, and this is what they told us. In Part I of the panel discussion we cover growth vs diversification, the importance of direct traffic, and more. Diversification in Digital Media and Publishing: Part II 15 October 2018 Part II of the highlights of our panel discussion from Future of Media and Publishing New York: we discuss evolving commercial strategy, moving to a digital first publisher, long-term thinking in publishing, branded content, subscription and new horizons. Enthusiast Media: a new way to think about digital? 4 October 2018 What we learnt from the latest Future of Media and Publishing from NYC: part 1 is all about Enthusiast Media, a new mental model for publishers explained by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez. Learn what it is, how it works, and whether it can help you. Metrics, channels, innovation and trust: what’s on the minds of digital publishers 28 September 2018 Here's round two of our recap of the State of Media and Digital Publishing, focussing on the views of our panel on a number of topics: metrics to measure, important acquisition channels, trust issues for publishers with advertising and where the future is taking us. Does Digital Publishing Success Mean Going Analogue? 25 September 2018 Find out what we learnt about print, digital transformation and the future of native advertising and content marketing at the first State of Media and Digital Publishing, put on by Bibblio and 93 Digital at WeWork Shoreditch on 11 September 2018. Naughty or Nice? 19 December 2017 In the world of digital media, not everyone has been good this year. We’re publishing Santa’s naughty and nice list. In the land of content, relevance is king 7 November 2017 Publishers and industry partners came together to examine the opportunities in the digital publishing sector at the 2017 AOP Digital Publishing Convention. Advertising vs Subscription 9 February 2017 Discover how media businesses like Medium and NYT are adapting to the emerging post-advertising landscape through subscription models and user-first strategies.