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If you can’t beat them, jam them 6 February 2019 What if it's time to go rogue against the massive tech companies that are farming us for data. Can we subvert their activities? Can we live duplicitously to keep our true digital selves more genuine? In the end, can we actually switch off? A digital librarian for all 10 July 2018 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at The London Festival of Learning highlighting what good recommendations can mean for learning: find out why it’s vital for any platform interacting with (lifelong) learners, teachers or researchers. 10 people and sites to follow in 2018 who get digital media and publishing 11 January 2018 Find out who you should be following to get the real story of where media and publishing are headed in 2018 #pivottoreaders Winning as a modern content business: what would you recommend? 12 December 2017 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at AI Summit with the Department of International Trade talking content recommendation: find out why it’s vital to content companies Refinding relevance on the web 15 November 2017 Fighting the good fight can feel a bit lonely. This is why we're excited about Refind, a platform facilitating content discovery without increasing the noise. A Crisis of Attention - Part II 26 September 2017 Mads Holmen, co-founder of Bibblio, argues that content quality and putting users first could be the dominant force shaping the future of media and publishing. A Crisis of Attention 1 August 2017 The internet wants our attention, but what do we want from the internet?