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If you can’t beat them, jam them 6 February 2019 What if it's time to go rogue against the massive tech companies that are farming us for data. Can we subvert their activities? Can we live duplicitously to keep our true digital selves more genuine? In the end, can we actually switch off? A digital librarian for all 10 July 2018 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at The London Festival of Learning highlighting what good recommendations can mean for learning: find out why it’s vital for any platform interacting with (lifelong) learners, teachers or researchers. AI: The threat or cure for media? 18 June 2018 Read our roundup of the panel 'AI: The threat or cure for media?', from CogX 2018. We've got the takeaways featuring Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large for Tech Crunch, Grace Boswood, COO, Design and Engineering at the BBC, Dan Gilbert, Director of Data for News UK, and Bibblio’s Mads Holmen. What are the three ways to build a recommender system when you don’t have audience data? 6 February 2018 Learn three ways to build a recommender system when you don't have data on your users or audience from data scientist and algorithm builder Dr. Mahbub Gani Why personalization isn't a silver bullet for publishing & media 18 January 2018 Personalization is often presented as the solution to solve all publishers' challenges in audience engagement and retention, but is it really a silver bullet? A new goal for digital publishers in 2018: your loyalty metric 4 January 2018 As publishers strive to establish diverse revenue streams, they need to cultivate a loyal audience. Read how a recommender system can help get devoted users.