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Mobile publishing: common mistakes and how to avoid them 22 October 2020 Mobile engagement is up, but digital publishers see marginal returns on their mobile campaigns. These common UX and monetization mistakes might be why. Finimize's Carl Hazeley: Start with making the best product imaginable 2 September 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Finimize's VP of Content Carl Hazeley explains how they've built a global community of over 400,000 users in under three years. Designing a content recommendation module 26 March 2019 Bibblio's co-founder and UX lead, Rich Simmonds, discusses the design factors that went into the creation of their content recommendation module. Building a related article recommender system 6 December 2018 Find out what we learned at the 7th RecSys London. Maya Hristakeva, who works at Elsevier, gave a talk titled: ‘Beyond Collaborative Filtering: Learning to Rank Research Articles’. Here's a detailed recap on how her team built, iterated and improved the Science Direct related article recommender. Your guide to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor 25 October 2018 Learn all about the new Gutenberg Editor that will soon be coming to WordPress: what it is, what the new features are, and a walkthrough of how can you use them to make creating WordPress content a simpler and more intuitive experience (fingers crossed). What can AI really do for publishing? 16 July 2018 Catch the highlights from the talks by Isabel Thomspon, Senior Strategy Analyst from Holtzbrinck, and our co-founder and CEO Mads Holmen at The Society of Scholarly Publishing's event: 'Humans, AI, and Decision Making' - how can we make use of data to help us make better decisions? Reaching for the Sky at our latest recommender systems meetup 4 July 2018 Find out what we learned at our fifth Recsys London meetup. With a Principal Data Scientist from Sky, a Data Science Consultant and Marketeer, and a Senior Research Engineer from Sky all contributing, there were lots of great insights! More thought-provoking comments from Berlin's publishing experts 20 June 2018 Earlier this month, Bibblio went to Berlin to launch the Future of Media & Publishing series, bringing together professionals who work in publishing, online media and media-tech to discuss the best ways forward in the world of content. Here are the six best quotes, and what we should take away. What We Learnt at Our Inaugural Recommender Meetup in NYC 24 May 2018 Find out what we learnt from the presentations at the inaugural RecSys New York City meetup - there were lots of great insights on the right systems to solve problems from recommending news stories, to music and recipe recommendations! What are the three ways to build a recommender system when you don’t have audience data? 6 February 2018 Learn three ways to build a recommender system when you don't have data on your users or audience from data scientist and algorithm builder Dr. Mahbub Gani What matters most when building algorithms - people, process or code? 1 February 2018 Learn the formula behind Bibblio’s method for building algorithms for its recommender system: harnessing the whole team and valuing process as well as code.