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Designing a content recommendation module 26 March 2019 Bibblio's co-founder and UX lead, Rich Simmonds, discusses the design factors that went into the creation of their content recommendation module. If you can’t beat them, jam them 6 February 2019 What if it's time to go rogue against the massive tech companies that are farming us for data. Can we subvert their activities? Can we live duplicitously to keep our true digital selves more genuine? In the end, can we actually switch off? The Present & Future of Publishing: The Media Moments 2018 Report 13 December 2018 Find out what we learnt from the Media Moments 2018 report, produced by Media Voices for What’s New In Publishing, which explores seven key areas which have influenced the media and publishing industry this year, with a look forward to 2019. Building a related article recommender system 6 December 2018 Find out what we learned at the 7th RecSys London. Maya Hristakeva, who works at Elsevier, gave a talk titled: ‘Beyond Collaborative Filtering: Learning to Rank Research Articles’. Here's a detailed recap on how her team built, iterated and improved the Science Direct related article recommender. What's The Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin? 4 Options Compared 28 November 2018 Increasing revenue is a key aim for a lot of Bibblio's plugin users. One way to take advantage of the increased page views Bibblio brings is with display ads, but managing them on WordPress can be tricky, so we've reviewed 4 of the best dedicated WordPress ad management plugins for you. Your guide to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor 25 October 2018 Learn all about the new Gutenberg Editor that will soon be coming to WordPress: what it is, what the new features are, and a walkthrough of how can you use them to make creating WordPress content a simpler and more intuitive experience (fingers crossed). What can AI really do for publishing? 16 July 2018 Catch the highlights from the talks by Isabel Thomspon, Senior Strategy Analyst from Holtzbrinck, and our co-founder and CEO Mads Holmen at The Society of Scholarly Publishing's event: 'Humans, AI, and Decision Making' - how can we make use of data to help us make better decisions? Our favourite takeaways: food, dating and other recommendations 25 June 2018 Get the insights from Bibblio Events' inaugural Recommender Systems Meetup in Berlin: RecSys Berlin. We learn all about how dating and food sometimes need different approaches - and different ways of doing recommendations too ;) Food for thought from London: the future of recommender systems 1 May 2018 Discover what happened at the last get together of the RecSys London meetup - three great talks for anyone interested in algorithm development and recommender systems! (and pizza, courtesy of our friends at Deliveroo) Refinding relevance on the web 15 November 2017 Fighting the good fight can feel a bit lonely. This is why we're excited about Refind, a platform facilitating content discovery without increasing the noise. The future comes highly recommended 2 March 2017 Curation has always been the basis of great collections, from libraries to art exhibitions. The digital future will be no different, but now we have algorithms. Advertising vs Subscription 9 February 2017 Discover how media businesses like Medium and NYT are adapting to the emerging post-advertising landscape through subscription models and user-first strategies. Clicks vs Satisfaction 2 November 2016 There's always been competition for traffic, but some sites are now putting metrics over people, chasing clicks in search of ad revenue. Readers deserve better.