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Mobile publishing: common mistakes and how to avoid them 22 October 2020 Mobile engagement is up, but digital publishers see marginal returns on their mobile campaigns. These common UX and monetization mistakes might be why. Designing a content recommendation module 26 March 2019 Bibblio's co-founder and UX lead, Rich Simmonds, discusses the design factors that went into the creation of their content recommendation module. Your guide to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor 25 October 2018 Learn all about the new Gutenberg Editor that will soon be coming to WordPress: what it is, what the new features are, and a walkthrough of how can you use them to make creating WordPress content a simpler and more intuitive experience (fingers crossed). A digital librarian for all 10 July 2018 Bibblio’s Mads Holmen was at The London Festival of Learning highlighting what good recommendations can mean for learning: find out why it’s vital for any platform interacting with (lifelong) learners, teachers or researchers. The view from London: five insights on the future of digital media and publishing 20 March 2018 Takeaways from the 2nd Future of Media & Publishing London meetup in March 2018. Hosted at Work.Life in Clerkenwell. Presentations and debate by speakers from Dennis, The Memo, Blockmetry and Pugpig, with recommended top tools to help users navigate the web and catch up on great content. Why personalization isn't a silver bullet for publishing & media 18 January 2018 Personalization is often presented as the solution to solve all publishers' challenges in audience engagement and retention, but is it really a silver bullet? Making the most of every page 28 November 2017 Article pages can’t just tell great stories anymore. They have to perform the function of a homepage too. Find out how good recommendations help you do this. Refinding relevance on the web 15 November 2017 Fighting the good fight can feel a bit lonely. This is why we're excited about Refind, a platform facilitating content discovery without increasing the noise. In the land of content, relevance is king 7 November 2017 Publishers and industry partners came together to examine the opportunities in the digital publishing sector at the 2017 AOP Digital Publishing Convention.