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Travel Radar's Luke Willmoth: we're building engagement for our mobile user majority 3 November 2020 Vertical Hero Travel Radar talks to Bibblio about data-driven success, revenue diversification and the importance of mobile-first to their audience. Hindawi's Mathias Astell: being fully open access is key to success 14 April 2020 Vertical Hero Hindawi talks to Bibblio about the STEM literature publisher's open access, cross-publisher partnerships and their three focuses of SEO. New Scientist's Jo Adams: data is the beating heart of our business 24 March 2020 Jo Adams, marketing director, New Scientist, discusses subscription models, SEO visibility and methodical process in the latest Vertical Heroes interview. YorMedia's Andy Roberts for Planet Sport: get your engagement right 9 March 2020 Andy Roberts, director of strategy and planning at YorMedia Solutions, discusses Planet Sport in the latest Vertical Heroes interview by Bibblio. World Politics Review's Hampton Stephens: Subscription supports our mission 24 February 2020 Founder Hampton Stephens talks growth, driving engagement and converting email newsletters to subscriptions - A Vertical Heroes interview by Bibblio. FairPlanet's Murat Suner: the social media ecosystem is broken 10 February 2020 FairPlanet talks to Bibblio about publisher-damaging censorship by the social giants, tangible site performance improvements and harnessing Blockchain AFAR's Anni Cuccinello: let the data tell you if your ideas were right 28 January 2020 AFAR's director of audience development talks to Bibblio about their experiential travel publication's successes, as part of the Vertical Heroes series. Wholesome Yum's Maya Krampf: create for your audience, not yourself 3 December 2019 Vertical Heroes interview with Wholesome Yum's Maya Krampf, who tells publishers to know your audience, get them to follow you and make them your advocates. MJBiz Daily's Chris Walsh: our laser-focus on B2B has served us well 4 November 2019 Chris Walsh of MJBiz Daily is interviewed for Bibblio's Vertical Heroes series. He discusses maintaining business focus and the value of hosting events. Texere's Fedra Pavlou: our solid line between content and ads 21 October 2019 Fedra Pavlou of Texere Publishing is interviewed for Bibblio's Vertical Heroes series, about team culture, standing out and editorial integrity versus ads. Yoga International's John Daskovsky: be mindful of personalization 8 October 2019 John Daskovsky, CTO of Yoga International is interviewed for Vertical Heroes, and discusses personalization of user experiences and content quality. Fatherly's Mike Rothman: alongside content, experiential is a huge opportunity 23 September 2019 Mike Rothman CEO of Fatherly, the digital media brand for male parenting, joins our Vertical Heroes to discuss data in personalized UX and experiential. pv magazine: Content marketing and events are our growth areas 21 August 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, pv magazine's Senior Manager Marketing & Events and Head of Content told us about growing their presence in energy storage markets worldwide. BOXROX: Our readership grows by 100-250% each year 4 July 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Editor-in-Chief and Senior Account Manager at BOXROX share their story behind an impressive readership growth. Torque's Emily Schiola: There's always an untapped community waiting to share experiences 11 June 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Torque's editor Emily Schiola told Bibblio CEO Mads Holmen about engaging the WordPress community. Highsnobiety's Daniel Neumayer: Not building our business model on sheer scale enabled success 5 June 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio's CEO Mads Holmen talked with Highsnobiety's Daniel Neumayer about the success of their streetwear blog. SUITCASE's Serena Guen: Our magazine subscription sales are growing 150% year on year 30 May 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio's CEO Mads Holmen asked SUITCASE Group's founder Serena Guen about her multimedia travel magazine. Simple Flying's Arran Rice: Our returning visitor rate is growing month over month 14 May 2019 As part of our Vertical Heroes series, Bibblio’s CEO Mads Holmen asked Simple Flying's founder Arran Rice about his journey to running a successful vertical publication.