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Designing a content recommendation module 26 March 2019 Bibblio's co-founder and UX lead, Rich Simmonds, discusses the design factors that went into the creation of their content recommendation module. What's The Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin? 4 Options Compared 28 November 2018 Increasing revenue is a key aim for a lot of Bibblio's plugin users. One way to take advantage of the increased page views Bibblio brings is with display ads, but managing them on WordPress can be tricky, so we've reviewed 4 of the best dedicated WordPress ad management plugins for you. 5 ways to get more from the Related Posts by Bibblio WordPress plugin 30 October 2018 Bibblio's AI serves you relevant ever-improving related posts to your WordPress articles, straight out of the box. Did you know you can do much more with it? Show your more recent posts, tweak the module to match your site design, understand your analytics, and more! Your guide to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor 25 October 2018 Learn all about the new Gutenberg Editor that will soon be coming to WordPress: what it is, what the new features are, and a walkthrough of how can you use them to make creating WordPress content a simpler and more intuitive experience (fingers crossed). Making the most of images on your Related Posts by Bibblio WordPress plugin 11 September 2018 Tips and tricks for best Featured Image display in the Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio plugin. A new WordPress plugin for happy readers and higher revenues 4 October 2017 Bibblio is bringing the power of smart recommendations to the WordPress community with a new related posts plugin.