Relevant recommendations that enlighten your users  Helping users find the right book or journal is the cornerstone of a quality  content distributor. With so many items to reference, it becomes a mammoth task  ensuring which is the most relevant and keeping those suggestions up-to-date.  Recommendations as a service are the best way to guarantee proper  interconnectedness across your catalogs, improving both sales and conversions. Start connecting your content now
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Canadian Electronic Library and Bibblio

Canadian Electronic Library

As Canada's leading digital library we're aware of the need to provide relevant and timely reading recommendations to our customers.

We chose Bibblio's recommendation toolkit as an easy and efficient way to provide suggested books and articles with minimal development overhead at our end. So far it has delivered beyond our expectations and we look forward to widening the scope of content recommendations across dèsLibris.

Bob Gibson
Owner and CEO
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Better discovery, improved outcomes  Easily integrate our recommendation modules into your site or platform to  encourage readers to discover more relevant content and find just the thing for  them.  Bibblio's recommendations are always inspiring and serendipitous, helping to  drive more engagement and better outcomes - whether that's conversions or sales. Get to know the tech
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Beyond search, welcome discovery!  Use Bibblio's service to power recommendations and discovery features that  enlighten and delight.  Search is great if users know what they are looking for. Recommendations are  essential to help everyone else and make the best of every visit. Start engaging you audience

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On that note...

Gain an appreciation of the dilemmas for learner motivation during an age of information saturation, in our popular thought piece, Search vs Discovery, from our publication, The Graph.

Search is brilliant for quick, specific answers, terrible for discovering and exploring new ideas. It's also biased towards the top 1% of all content and mainstream websites.

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