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Connecting your business-centric content for higher engagement and conversion

Bibblio delivers...

Improve your metrics

Page uplift and high ROI

Creating genuine engagement is key to driving more value from content that has a higher page yield. Bibblio increases pages per session and dwell time on these revenue-generating pages.

Evergreen content

Content optimization

If you run static recommendations, your evergreen content will fade into your archives and older content won't link to the new. Bibblio resurfaces long tail content, automating the process to guide user flow.

Relevance scores

Meaningful connections

Keyword tagging isn't always enough for good recommendations. That's why Bibblio applies relevance scores to keywords, concepts and entities, mapped to the IPTC media taxonomy, to ensure accurate results.




Deliver a premium experience to members by serving highly personalized recommendations based on various inputs. Our personalization tool can accommodate user taxonomies unique to your business to optimize for conversion.



Track your users' interactions through your content recommendations and use those insights to make data-driven decisions about both your content and audience development strategies.

Build your content discovery experiences in three stages...

Stage 1 - Optimize your pages

Increase engagement

A quick win for your site is through the internal recirculation of your audience. Bibblio indexes your content and generates recommendations for each item based on contextual relevance, adjusted for recency and popularity.


Recirculation drives ad views


Use our pre-designed front-end modules, or control that experience yourselves. Enjoy deeper user sessions and a reduction in bounce rate.

The Drum

This global media platform and Europe's biggest marketing website uses Bibblio to recirculate their content to their audience, improving on-site metrics.

The Drum's articles with Bibblio recommendations
Wealth Management

WealthManagement, the go-to site for financial advisors and wealth professionals, uses Bibblio to both recirculate their content and promote their sponsored content contextually.

Wealth Management's articles with Bibblio recommendations

Increase yield

Another quick win is through your sponsored or affiliate content. Catalogue these content types and recommend them contextually across the rest of your site to drive your audience and generate greater yields.


Recirculation increases yield from sponsored, branded and affiliate content.


An engaged, relevant audience is more likely to visit sponsored content if it's shown at the right place at the right moment.

Increase conversions

If you're looking to convert your audience you can easily do it with contextual recommendations. Encourage your audience towards your subscription paywall by helping them reach their article limit in a positive frame of mind. 


Bibblio speeds the journey to your paywall


Use engaging content suggestions along their journey, or use Bibblio to promote your white paper or factsheet downloads beside relevant articles to significantly boost lead acquisition.


The world's leading geopolitical intelligence platform uses Bibblio to recommend related content, guiding readers through their free article limit to the paywall.

Stratfor's paywall with Bibblio recommendations

Stage 2 - Cross-pollinate across networks

Redistribute traffic

Connect your audiences across your digital properties by recommending relevant content items from across your network or externally.

Recommend relevant content from across your network of sites

This cross-pollination increases the reach of your content to as many audiences as possible. All of your content works in unison, maximizing exposure on every site.

pv magazine

A renowned platform for the latest solar energy news, pv magazine uses Bibblio to recommend articles across their network of ten international sites.

pv magazines's articles with Bibblio cross-site recommendations

Stage 3 - Break away from the page

Build loyalty

Be a leading authority in your field by delivering highly curated content to your readers via newsletters or a personalized member feed.

Personalize your newsletters with Bibblio

Strengthen audience loyalty across several digital touchpoints to ensure a lasting brand affinity and reductions in churn.

Yoga International

Within this exclusive multimedia platform, Bibblio is powering personalized feeds of course suggestions for yoga teachers to improve their practice.

Yoga International's personalized feed of Bibblio recommendations