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If you can hold a visitor’s attention for three minutes, they are twice as likely to return than if you only hold them for one.

A tool to engage and retain your audience

Bibblio's Circulation tool increases user engagement across each of your content pages, improving dwell time and pages per session.

Place recommendation modules in and around your content, create new discovery experiences, and engage your audience with the most relevant content from across your site.

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Circulation content recommendations

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The Audience Funnel

The simplest way to grow is to better utilize what you already have

Maximize the investment you’ve made in great content by engaging users and helping them discover it.

Each additional pageview is an opportunity along the audience funnel to drive advertising revenue, promote other revenue streams and increase loyalty.


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Getting up and running is smooth and fast

It's easy to get going with Bibblio. Your team can copy and paste a code snippet onto your site, or opt for the freedom of full API access. There's even a WordPress plugin approved by WPEngine, getting you live in a couple of clicks.

Our recommendation technology uses machine learning to constantly improve your content suggestions, based on relevancy and popularity. So you can let it run, safe in the knowledge it's always at its most optimum.

How to get going

Circulation in action


Connecting related content

Show relevant content recommendations from across your site in customizable modules. This module is specially designed to increase engagement and loyalty. It updates as new content is published, giving users the best suggestions available.

Currently enjoyed by

SUITCASE magazine

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Suggesting popular content

Present your site's most popular pages from a module within your homepage, section portals or articles, based on page views and other click data. Choose from many layout options to find the module shape that best fits your site.

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Philly Voice

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