Solutions for consumer media

Connecting your consumer-centric content for higher engagement and conversion

Bibblio delivers...

Increase revenue across sponsored, subscription, affiliate and e-commerce content

Increased revenue

Generate higher revenues from your content by increasing conversion and retention across your sponsored, subscription, e-commerce and affiliate mix.



Offer different recommendations to your casual, returning, and logged-in visitors at any touchpoint to accelerate them through the audience funnel.

Bibblio does not use third-party tracking or cookies

Cookieless targeting

Avoid all concerns about privacy or GDPR red tape, since Bibblio's tools do not use user tracking or cookie dropping to achieve great results.

Bibblio takes away the complexity of running recommendations

Managed infrastructure

Focus on what's important while Bibblio has your back. We continuously train our machine-learning models, handle spikes in traffic and data, and deliver recommendations with low latency, so you don’t have to.



Monitor your audience's interactions with your content recommendations, and use those insights to make data-driven decisions about your content and audience development strategies.

Build your content discovery experiences in stages...

Stage 1 - Drive revenue with engagement

Show them what you’ve got

Increase traffic to your revenue-generating content by promoting it organically to the readers most likely to engage with it.

Whether you're driving branded or sponsored content, subscriptions, events, ecommerce or affiliate, you need consistent and relevant promotion site-wide.


Recirculation increases yield from sponsored, branded and affiliate content.


With Bibblio you can create multiple widgets on your pages that promote different revenue streams in contextual and personal ways. Don't leave money on the table each time somebody visits your site!

pv magazine

A renowned platform for the latest solar energy news, pv magazine uses Bibblio to recommend articles across their network of ten international sites.

pv magazines's articles with Bibblio cross-site recommendations

Stage 2 - Drive loyalty with engagement

Get personal

Successful traffic acquisition campaigns from social, email, ads, and SEO bring a variety of users to your platform with different expectations and interests.

Bibblio’s personalization tool helps you make the most of each visit to drive engagement and facilitate retention.

Where to deploy personalization for maximum value...

  • Create an editorial and personal blend on your homepage.
  • Generate personalized feeds for each user.
  • Deliver targeted emails and notifications.

Personalization across touchpoints
Yoga International

Bibblio is powering unique personalized feeds of classes, courses, meditations and articles, specifically tailored to either a visitor's or a subscriber's interests.

Yoga International's personalized feed of Bibblio recommendations


Your company, your rules

Customize recommendations with your most valuable data and optimize them for your business metrics.

Bibblio supports fully customizable data schema via API for both users and content items, allowing you to pass us your most valuable data in anonymous form and adapt the system to your needs.