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Delete your Bibblio catalogue to remove all content items stored

Time to reset

Whether it's an article recommending staging content, or a quick start installation gone wrong, you might be required to delete your Bibblio catalogue and start fresh.

What do we mean by "Bibblio catalogue"?

Bibblio stores a text version of your blog posts, articles, etc. called content items in order to make meaningful connections between them. These content items are kept in a catalogue that is unique to your account and only accessible to you. All the content items stored in a catalogue can potentially appear in each other recommendations.

Deleting a catalogue means that you will lose all of these meaningful connections, as well as any training data gathered so far for your users interactions with the recommendations. Therefore it should be done sparingly, mostly during your initial installation if you've noticed something is wrong with the type of content displayed in the recommendations.

Step 1: Retrieve your client ID and client secret

  1. Log in to your Bibblio account.

  2. Navigate to the Credentials tab to find your Client ID and Client Secret

Step 2: Generate an authorization token

Use the client ID and secret to generate a temporary authorization token by calling our API endpoint This can be done with an API platform such as Postman or by making sample calls in the console of Bibblio's interactive API documentation. This section takes you through the steps to delete a catalogue using the documentation.

  1. WordPress plugin: if you are using the WordPress plugin, make sure Bibblio is deactivated in your WP admin. 

  2. Go to

  3. In the console, copy and paste your client ID and client secret in the Body of the request and click on Call Resource

Obtain an access token-console

The API returns a 200 Response with the access token in the Response Body. This token is valid for 5 minutes, so copy the value in "access_token" and move on the Step 3.

Obtain an access token-response

Step 3: Retrieve your catalogue ID

Your can now retrieve the ID of the catalogue you want to delete by making a GET request to

  1. In the API documentation, navigate to Storing Data > Catalogues > List Catalogues.

  2. Paste the access token value in the Headers section of the console just after the word Bearer.

  3. Click on Call Resource.


The Response Body contains all your catalogues, so you can identify the catalogue that needs to be deleted and save the catalogue ID value.



Step 4: Delete your catalogue

  1. Now that you know your catalogue ID, go to Storing Data > Catalogues > Delete a catalogue.

  2. Add your access token to the Headers section again

  3. In URI Parameters, copy the catalogue ID value and change deleteAllContentItems to false.

  4. Click on Call Resource.


The API returns a 200 Response which means your catalogue has been deleted.

WP plugin users: you can now reactivate the plugin and go through the set-up again.

Quick Start code users: if Bibblio's JavaScript snippet is already deployed on your site, we will automatically re-import your content so no further action is needed.

Need further assistance?

Visit the Help Center or get in touch with the Bibblio team.