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The Day and Bibblio

The Day

As a quality news publisher for students, our challenge is holding their attention. The related links feature powered by Bibblio was launched this spring and works seamlessly with our publishing system. It is proving to be an invaluable tool for keeping young people engaged for longer each day and feeding their naturally curious minds.

Richard Addis
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The Bibblio Related Posts plugin for WordPress makes quick work of adding recommendations to your platform.

Fully integrated, reliable and ever-learning, the plugin slashes the time it takes to get a module on your content pages.

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On that note...

Understand how the transition from tree-based system structures into network thinking has improved discovery and online learning, in our thought piece Trees vs Networks, from our publication, The Graph.

The world has always been complex and as our understanding of it becomes more nuanced. These underlying structures are gradually revealing themselves to us in ways that challenge the pristine order of trees.

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