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Page uplift

page uplift

Real estate

page real estate

Engagement revenue

engagement revenue

Two out of three visits take place on mobile.

Increase ad inventory and boost site activity from new and returning visitors with our device-based recirculation tools. Instead of disrupting the user experience, Bibblio helps you smash your advertising and marketing targets by creating more space on your mobile pages for recirculation modules, display ads and other marketing CTAs.

Mobile modules

Introducing the next generation of mobile formats

Bibblio’s cutting-edge technology is now available in new formats specifically designed to address your mobile challenges.

Non-intrusive, slick, and smart, our mobile designs take into account users' reading behaviour and hand placement on smaller devices to maximize engagement and drive more traffic and conversions.


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Always-visible next step prompts that encourage your users to explore deeper.

Drive more loyalty from your most engaged visitors by suggesting content that's catered to their behavior and interests with these sticky encouragers.

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Double the available space on your page with the tap of a tab.

This slide-out page takeover is totally customizable, displaying multiple recommendation modules (and anything else you wish to show, such as article info, sharing tools and ads) in a highly tactile format.




One second can change everything when it comes to mobile page speed, which is why our technology doesn’t slow down your site.



You remain in control of the front-end experience by choosing the type of content displayed.

No commitment

No commitment

Mobile designs are included in your SaaS subscription and come at no extra cost.



We’ve tested our designs and recommendation logic to find the most engaging combinations for mobile audiences.



Installation simply involves dropping a JavaScript code snippet on your pages.

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