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Choose from hundreds of layout combinations

A flexible recommendation module

Customizing and embedding a recommendation module onto your content pages is simple. Choose the best combination for your site.


Mobile modules

Our new mobile formats have landed!

Discover how to better engage and convert mobile users.

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Just by adding and removing classes, the module changes its layout, tile ratio, headline style and special effects to suit your needs. It also deconstructs itself gracefully on smaller devices. Have a play and see what works best. You can always customize it further yourself!

Powered by smart content suggestions

At the heart of Bibblio spins an AI engine making millions of connections across publisher content. It doesn't stop learning and improving those connections, old and new, growing alongside the businesses it serves.


Pick a no-commitment monthly plan based on your size. You can get going using copy-and-paste snippets or our API, supported by our comprehensive tech help guarantee.