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  • Try it out.
  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • Suitable for personal or hobby projects.
Up to 25K API calls/mo
Store up to 500 items
1 module/page


  • Display cool-looking and customizable modules.
  • Immediately lift in-page engagement with great recommendations.
  • Super-easy setup via wizard or WordPress.
Starting at
Up to 500K API calls/mo
Store up to 15K items
Up to 3 modules/page
× Pick a plan
$19/mo 50K
50K API calls/month limit
5K items maximum storage
2 modules/page limit
$59/mo 200K
200K API calls/month limit
10K items maximum storage
2 modules/page limit
$119/mo 500K
500K API calls/month limit
15K items maximum storage
3 modules/page limit


  • Easy implementation as well as full API access.
  • Show several modules on your pages to boost engagement.
  • Affordable access to enterprise AI/ML algorithms.
Starting at
Up to 5M API calls/mo
Store up to 50K items
Up to 5 modules/page
× Pick a plan
$199/mo 1M
1M API calls/month limit
20K items maximum storage
3 modules/page limit
$359/mo 2M
2M API calls/month limit
30K items maximum storage
3 modules/page limit
$659/mo 5M
5M API calls/month limit
50K items maximum storage
5 modules/page limit


  • Take full control of your recommendation experience.
  • Promote articles and revenue-generating content.
  • In-person support across implementation, UX and data.
  • Enterprise SLA and access to test account.
Starting at
From 5M API calls/mo
Store 50K items or more
Unlimited modules/page
× Pick a plan
$1,159/mo 10M
10M API calls/month limit
100K items maximum storage
5 modules/page limit
$1,999/mo 20M
20M API calls/month limit
250K items maximum storage
Unlimited modules/page
POA Need more?
Over 20M API calls/month
Store over 250K items
Unlimited modules/page

Let's talk Enterprise packages

A Bibblio representative is on hand to discuss large-scale implementations. Please complete your details and we will get back to you.

Let's talk Enterprise packages

A Bibblio representative is on hand to discuss large-scale implementations. Please complete your details and we will get back to you.

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How is Bibblio’s service packaged?

Choose from Self-serve or Enterprise plans, all on a monthly subscription.

Self-serve plans are organized across Starter, Blog and Website tiers to help you choose based on your catalogue size and usage needs.

The Enterprise plans are for if you want us to work with you in areas such as trial setup, implementation guidance, commercial advice, and UX best practice. In-person support channels and a service-level agreement guarantees a lasting relationship that will pay dividends.

What are 'content items'?

A content item is any article or page within your catalogue that you want to provide recommendations from and to. Sets of metadata are collected for each content item, which are then stored.

What's an API call, measured in my monthly limit?

An API call occurs when a set of recommendations is served to your web page. (Technically put, this is achieved via a request to the recommendation endpoint of the Bibblio API.)

If you have a Bibblio pre-designed recommendations module on your site, the number of API calls will equate to your number of page views. So 1M page views = 1M API calls per module.

Is there a sign-up cost on top of my monthly fee?

No, there are no hidden costs to sign up.

Which payment methods does Bibblio support?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted. For our paying plans, you will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

How do I get Bibblio on my site?

Once signed up you can get going instantly by adding a code snippet to the pages you wish to recommend from and to. Our snippet wizard lets you choose how you'd like your recommendation module to look and whitelist the domains that house your content.

If you’re on WordPress, you can also get up and running rapidly by using our Wordpress plugin.

Alternatively, you can work with the API itself. Our documentation generates basic scaffold code for each endpoint in a wide variety of languages. You can find it by switching to the console mode on an endpoint, calling the resource, clicking Code Example, then selecting your language.

Which spoken languages does Bibblio support?

We can produce recommendations for all languages using the Latin alphabet, and we can generate in-depth semantic analysis for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Is Bibblio GDPR compliant?

Yes we are. We do not process any personal information from visitors on a customer's page, and we only process personal information from our customers when strictly necessary to provide our services. We are committed to being fully transparent regarding our processing of customers' data. We are happy to provide a compliance statement upon request.

Does Bibblio drop any third-party tracking cookies on my page?

Bibblio does not drop any cookies on the page. All user tracking is carried out from within the related content module itself, or is sent to us directly by our partners.