The Product

Three tools powered by one content recommendation technology

Bibblio is here to help content owners harness discovery

Our content discovery tools are designed to increase audience footfall, engagement and spend, directly improving your site metrics and guaranteeing ROI.

Your platform real estate is too valuable for distracting widgets that give low returns. Be sure those interfaces aren't being wasted - signpost your genuinely relevant content using our world-class AI-powered recommendation engine.

Maximize your site real estate

Calculate your ROI

Enter your monthly page views to discover the ROI you can achieve with Bibblio:

Our average 2.5% CTR would generate 75,000 new engagements.

A conservative 2 pages/session then generates 150,000 new page views/month.

Based on an average $20 RPM,

expect a $3,000 monthly net uplift on a $659 5M plan.


net ROI

You get something for nothing!

That’s $36,000 net uplift a year for $7,908!

That's a bit low

Please try increasing the monthly page views.


That's a lot of page views!

Let's have a chat about your Enterprise options.

If you’re liking those numbers, spin up a 5M plan and see for yourself.

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The Enterprise package

The Bibblio team is on hand to assist you with large-scale integrations.

What do these letters stand for?


Return on investment - The ratio between the net profit and cost of investment. This value describes the passive revenue uplift of using Bibblio.


Click-through rate - The ratio of users who click a recommendation link to the number of total users who view that page.


Revenue per thousand - The revenue your website generates for every 1,000 pages viewed.

Addressing real challenges for content owners

Bibblio's AI engine runs across three tools, each targeting important metrics for content owner teams. Once set up, you can choose one or more of these tools to make your content work harder.

A tool to increase engagement
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase pages per session
  • Increase dwell time
Suitable for

Editorial and product teams

A tool to improve monetization
  • Convert users to revenue
  • Drive engaged footfall
  • Increase margins
Suitable for

Commercial and e-commerce teams

A complete end-to-end solution

Bibblio is easy to spin up and runs automatically on your site.

With simple methods to get going, from dropping a code snippet on your site, to using our WordPress plugin or having full control with our API, Bibblio can ingest your content, calculate how it's connected and display recommendations in pre-designed modules or their raw form.

There are no cookies required, so there are no privacy or GDPR concerns to worry about - just one AI product with everything baked in from start to finish.

The complete end-to-end delivery

The core's three recommendation algorithms

The core AI engine

Cutting-edge AI at the core

Bibblio's core product is an AI engine connecting millions of pieces of content based on relevance.

It uses natural language processing to understand each content item, then quickly relates it to the rest, thanks to our super-efficient streaming indexer.

The engine's machine learning is constantly figuring out and improving these connections, at scale, making it the most effective content recommender of its kind.

Use Bibblio's algorithms to show results based on semantically related, most popular or user-influenced weightings. Use discrete or blended algorithms to produce varieties of recommendation results. These can occupy specific areas of your pages to target different audience needs.

Get started with a no-commitment monthly plan

Try Bibblio using our transparent monthly subscription plans. You won't be locked into a long contract with unreasonable conditions.

We're fighting the corner with content owners to give them the freedom to make their discovery the best it can be, without monopolizing their interfaces or imposing anti-competitive restrictions.

Let's work together for a better web.