Use modules on your site to acquire audiences, engage users and drive revenue

Maximize your site's real estate

At Bibblio we obsess over the right combination of recommendation modules to display on our customers' sites to boost their traffic, engagement and revenue.

Explore the different use cases below to see how your site can benefit from the perfect mix of modules...


Place a combination of modules on your content pages

Related content

Show relevant content recommendations from across your site in customizable modules. This module is specially designed to increase engagement and loyalty. It updates as new content is published, giving users the best suggestions available.

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Suitcase Magazine

Related content module on Suitcase Magazine

Popular content

Suggest your site's most popular pages from a module within your homepage, section portals or articles, based on page views and other click data. Choose from many layout options to find the module shape that best fits your site.

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Popular content on PhillyVoice

Content promotion

Run a module on your site that encourages users to visit specific content you wish to highlight. Maximize the revenue you can derive from across your sponsored, premium or paywalled content.

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Wealth Management

Content promotion on Informa's Wealth Management

Cross-site pollination

Wish you were less reliant on Facebook and Google for your traffic? Include a module that suggests related content from across your sites or site network, or better still, expand your reach beyond your own walled garden and collaborate with peers to diversify your traffic.

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Invest in Blockchain

Cross-site pollination on Invest in Blockchain

Product recommendations

Use a module to promote relevant commercial opportunities on your site. Make every content page work for you by linking to your e-commerce products, courses, events or job listings in a contextually appropriate way. Drive revenue from every page.

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Product recommendations on ofCourse

The right solution for your site

Ad-driven websites

Ad-driven websites

If you rely on advertising for revenue, Bibblio increases engagement that drives all-important page views.

Subscription publishers

Subscription publishers

If you're a subscription service, Bibblio hastens visitors to your sign-up pages, quickly converting them to regulars.

E-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms

If you're an e-commerce platform, Bibblio suggests genuinely appropriate products, increasing basket size.