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With no single revenue stream delivering sustainability, the ‘mix of six’ will become crucial for publishers, securing their survival.

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A tool to drive engaged footfall and convert users to revenue

Bibblio's Promotion tool features your revenue-generating content to a naturally engaged audience across your site.

It understands which monetised content or offers are relevant where, placing recommendations on your pages that are sure to appeal to interested users.

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Easily deploy your contextually relevant offers on every page

Drive direct revenue from every page

Whether you're pushing branded or sponsored content, subscriptions, events, ecommerce or affiliate, you need consistent and relevant promotion site-wide.

With Bibblio you can create multiple widgets on your pages that promotes different revenue streams in contextual and personal ways. Don't leave money on the table each time somebody visits your site!

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Getting up and running is smooth and fast

It's easy to get going with Bibblio. Your team can copy and paste a code snippet onto your site, or opt for the freedom of full API access. There's even a WordPress plugin approved by WPEngine, getting you live in a couple of clicks.

Our recommendation technology uses machine learning to constantly improve your content suggestions, based on relevancy and popularity. So you can let it run, safe in the knowledge it's always at its most optimum.

How to get going

Promotion in action


Genuine content promotion

Run a module on your site that encourages users to visit specific content you wish to highlight. Maximize the revenue you can derive from across your sponsored, premium or paywalled content.

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Product recommendations

Use a module to promote relevant commercial opportunities on your site. Make every content page work for you by linking to your e-commerce products, courses, events or job listings in a contextually appropriate way.

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