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If you're looking to convert your audience you can easily do it with contextual recommendations. Encourage your audience towards your subscription paywall by helping them reach their article limit in a positive frame of mind.

Use engaging content suggestions along their journey, or use Bibblio to promote your white paper or e-learning course downloads beside relevant articles to significantly boost lead acquisition.

Bibblio speeds the journey to your paywall
Stratfor on desktop

The world's leading geopolitical intelligence platform uses Bibblio to recommend related content, guiding readers through their free article limit to the paywall.

< 3 tiles beneath each article.

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Personalize the user journey across multiple touchpoints

Focus on your most valuable audience by offering a customized navigation experience for logged-in users. Leverage Bibblio’s personalized recommendations to power member-only experiences such as story feeds or newsletters.

Bibblio supports a fully customizable data schema via API for both users and content, allowing you to pass us your most valuable data in anonymous form and adapt the system to optimize for your own business goals.

Personalization across touchpoints.
Yoga International on tablet
Yoga International

Within this exclusive multimedia platform, Bibblio is powering unique personalized feeds of classes, courses, meditations and articles, specifically tailored to either a visitor's or a subscriber's interests.

< Custom sliders fed by Bibblio's data.

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Tailor the user experience to their device type

Users won’t engage with your content in the same way whether they’re browsing from their phone or sitting in front of their desktop. Bibblio’s module designs cater to each type of user behavior for a holistic recommendation experience.

Strengthening audience loyalty across several digital touchpoints ensures a lasting brand affinity and reductions in churn.

FourFourTwo on mobile

Future's football magazine FourFourTwo, reinforces fan loyalty by creating the best layouts for their mostly mobile audience. Bibblio's compact carousel extends their UI sideways to better showcase their related content.

< 6 tiled carousel within the body of the article.

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Redistribute traffic across your network

Connect your audiences across your digital properties by recommending relevant content items from across your network. This cross-pollination increases the reach of your content to as many of your audiences as possible.

All of your content is working in unison, maximizing exposure on every site.

Recommend relevant content from across your network of sites.
pv magazine on tablet
pv magazine

A renowned platform for the latest solar energy news, pv magazine uses Bibblio to increase engagement from their loyal users and acquire new traffic across their network of 10 sites.

< 3 tiles of in-site related content, and 3 more from across their network, beneath each article.

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