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A self-serve plan is a light-touch plug-and-play solution that avoids a more involved backend integration.

Quickly import your content, drop stylish, pre-built modules on your site and spin up some data-rich tracking, all powered by a sophisticated and fine-tuned recommendation technology working under the hood.

You'll soon feel the benefits of greater page uplift and higher ROI. You're not committed to a contract; just pay monthly for a great value service.


Bibblio Self-serve plans

Key features


Quick start

You can be running Bibblio in a few clicks by using our JS snippet to automatically import, index and recommend your content.


Content catalogues

Use the JS snippet to put your content into catalogues. Achieve your business goals by promoting content separately or blended together on-site.


Pre-built modules

Create eye-catching recommendation widgets for your pages using our simple module builder. Make an impact with over 8,000 design combinations to choose from.


Customer support

Access to complete support documentation, articles, FAQs and troubleshooting ensures you get the most from Bibblio, with our team always an email away.


Tracking and analytics

Monitor your content storage, page views, and click-through rates via your dashboard and track any events by integrating them into your third-party analytics.


Pay as you go

There are no yearly contracts on the self-serve plans - just a monthly bill by credit card or PayPal, with no stealthy catches or unreasonable conditions.

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What are content items?

A content item is any article or page within your site that you want to provide recommendations from and to. Sets of metadata are collected for each content item, which are then stored.

What's an API call, measured in my monthly limit?

In order to display Bibblio’s recommendations on your platform you need to make an API request to our recommendation endpoint.

If you are using one of Bibblio’s Related Content Modules, this is equivalent to loading one module on a page, which means the number of API calls will equate to your number of pageviews. So 1M page views = 1,000,000 API calls per module.

Only the API calls to Bibblio's recommendation endpoint count towards your plan's monthly limit. We don’t include calls to other API endpoints in your monthly count.

What is personalization?

The Plus and Enterprise packages give you the option to recommend content on your platform based on a user's historical interactions with your content. Our personalization algorithm combines anonymized user and content IDs to generate highly meaningful connections using inputs such as history of clicked items, time, device, recency, and popularity.

Bibblio also supports a fully customizable data schema for users, allowing you to pass us your most valuable user data to personalize the recommendations even further.

What is syndication?

Syndication enables you to recommend content on your platform from other domains with a Bibblio account. You can either connect your audiences across your own digital properties or partner with other digital publishers to form your own private marketplace. This type of cross-pollination is a great way to drive quality traffic organically across all your brand portfolio.

What are catalogues?

When setting up Bibblio you can import your content into separate folders called “catalogues”. Each catalogue is indexed against each other which allows you to recommend relevant content to your users based on the filters you chose. You can also use catalogues to ensure certain topics and genres are only recommended on certain parts of your platform.

Can I try Bibblio on my staging site?

Yes you can. Once you’ve signed on to a plan we’ll provide you with a free account for your staging environments so you can perform tests alongside your main account.

Is there a sign-up cost on top of my monthly fee?

No, there are no extra costs to signing up for a monthly plan.

Which payment methods does Bibblio support?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted. On standard monthly plans you will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the previous month. However you can get in touch with a member of the Bibblio team if you’d like to explore custom invoicing options to settle payment by trimester or annually.

What kind of support do I get?

As a Bibblio customer you receive full implementation instructions and onboarding assistance to guide you every step of the way. Communication is restricted to email support on the Growth plan, whilst customers on the Plus plan can schedule video calls for troubleshooting and other types of assistance. On the Enterprise plan you will benefit from your own dedicated support engineer which can assist your development team with custom implementation.

Once you're up and running you will receive feedback, optimization guidance, performance monitoring and more from our customer success team.

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What is an API call?

An API call occurs when a set of recommendations is served to a touchpoint (e.g. your web page or email newsletter).

The number of instances where recommendations are served equates to the number of API calls. E.g. Two recommendation modules on your web page means you’ll perform twice as many API calls as page views.

Self-serve plan enquiry

A member of the Bibblio team is on hand to answer any questions about our monthly plans or to take you through a demo.