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Increasing online ad impressions

The more things change

Advertising has been through a number of iterations since the web began, but the aim of the game is still the same: get potential customers to view adverts.

Whether your offering is native, video embeds or other display formats, you want your visitors to be viewing as many as possible in a way that complements their experience of your site. is a publication focused on experiential travel all around the world, and was recently named a Top 10 site for making travel easier.

"The Bibblio recommendation modules outperformed the content widgets we had put in place before.

"We see great value in having users dig deeper into our travel content offering."

Derek Butcher, Chief Technology Officer

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Related content drives more ad impressions

Your page, only better

Bibblio helps you show your audience more adverts in a way that actually improves their experience. It’s a simple formula: Highly relevant content recommendations mean visitors visit more pages they’re genuinely interested in, and generate more viewable impressions.

It’s an easy and effective way to improve your page monetization with minimal changes. In fact, without good recommendations, you’re leaving money on the table every time somebody visits your site.

Doing it wrong?

For a long time, some publishers treated ad-serving and content recommendation as the same thing, due to the prevalence of Outbrain and Taboola.

Things are different today. Many publishers are still happy to put up with them when the contracts are rich, but the damage they do to the look of a site with poor quality suggestions is increasingly obvious. Even worse, they send visitors away from your site if they click on ads.

If they’re still part of your revenue stack then just place Bibblio alongside and see the difference for yourself. Worst case? More page views will make people more likely to click the Outbrain/Taboola ads.

Outbrain / Taboola / Revcontent
Related content
Suggesting similar content from across your site.
Sending users away from your site.
Increase time on site
Users remaining on your site for longer.
Increase pages per session
Users view more of your content and ads.
Decrease bounce rate
Fewer users leave your site early.

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