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Relevant recommendations mean more sales

E-commerce product recommendations must not repeat the purchase

"How many front door mats do they think I need?!"

Recommendations are big business

These days, any serious e-commerce site is using recommendations as a key way to increase sales. McKinsey estimates that 35% of Amazon’s revenue comes from them. But, it's not always done very well.

Ever bought a front door mat online and been pursued around the site (and probably the rest of the web) by recommendations for more? How many front door mats do they think people need?

Some approaches to recommendation simply don’t work with certain products. You need the right system for your business.

OfCourse features a wide and diverse catalogue of courses, ranging from mindfulness and psychology to photography and finance.

"Due to the amount of courses in our catalogue, it’s vital that we display the ones that are relevant to new and returning students.

"Bibblio allows us to do just that, and they make it easy by providing a plug-and-play recommendation module."

Tom Bryan, Founder and CEO

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E-commerce recommendations

Bibblio is different

Most recommendation systems for e-commerce put people in boxes based on their behavior and then recommend things other people in that box liked. That’s fine as far as it goes, but it’s a blunt instrument.

Bibblio actually understands what’s being recommended based on its description, and then recommends items that are similar (with the additional filter of popularity with your audience). This means that suggestions are always relevant to what someone is actually looking at, or has just purchased.

For businesses whose business is content

Bibblio’s recommendations are ideal for any content product. That’s because relevance is central to how it works.

The system uses semantic technology to understand content, and work out other similar content to recommend. That similarity really matters when visitors are showing you their priorities as they look at certain types of content.

If someone is considering buying a business intelligence report about the pharmaceutical industry, Bibblio will make sure they see other reports with related themes. Most other systems just can't do this.

Semantic connections to content

Suggest your products with relevant recommendations

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