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Internal cross-pollination

Publishers want to effectively connect their audiences across their digital properties. With Syndication, you can display widgets that recommend relevant content items network-wide.

Internal cross-pollination

This cross-pollination increases the reach of your content to as many of your audiences as possible. All of your content is working in unison, maximizing exposure on every site.

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External audience development

Publishers want to reduce their reliance on inbound traffic from just search and social. Syndication lets you partner with external sites to drive audiences within your own private marketplace.

External audience development

Display widgets that suggest relevant content from across your pool of partners. Share revenue directly, set your own business rules and ensure a 100% emphasis on quality engagement.

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Getting up and running is smooth and fast

It's easy to get going with Bibblio. Your team can copy and paste a code snippet onto your site, or opt for the freedom of full API access. There's even a WordPress plugin approved by WPEngine, getting you live in a couple of clicks. 

Our recommendation technology uses machine learning to constantly improve your content suggestions, based on relevancy and popularity. So you can let it run, safe in the knowledge it's always at its most optimum.

How to get going

Syndication in action


Cross-site pollination

Wish you were less reliant on Facebook and Google for your traffic? Include a module that suggests related content from across your sites or site network, or better still, expand your reach beyond your own walled garden and collaborate with peers to diversify your traffic.

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