What's Bibblio?

Recommending a better web

Web users are tired of their favorite sites being filled with links to dumb and irrelevant content.

These so-called “content recommendations” are littering the internet, and we really, really don’t like them.

So we decided to do something about it.

Irrelevant litter
Best content recommendations powered by AI

Bibblio is software which gives content owners the power to recommend their own most relevant and popular content on their interfaces.

Our plug-n-play technology uses AI to work out the best content to show audiences, giving content owners the freedom to let it run whilst they concentrate on other things - like making more great content.

We don't use cookies to track audiences either - there's too much of that going on as well.

Our goal is to ensure we the audience get a much better discovery experience, finding content that’s actually relevant and interesting, without forfeiting our personal data.

In short, we help your best-loved sites show you more, without clickbait distractions, ads, or deception.

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Publishing in peril

Web users have enjoyed free access to content for years, which has meant some digital publishers are having a tough time of it. To make money they either put up a paywall or rely on ads and clickbait. Google and Facebook offer easy ways to share content, but these referrals are fickle, hard to monetize, and dependent on algorithms that can change in a heartbeat.

In this ecosystem, quality journalism cannot thrive, replaced instead by sensationalist content and filter-bubbled fake news. The experience for users is jumbled and distracting, putting customer loyalty at serious risk.

Help is at hand

Bibblio's discovery platform lets publishers increase engagement, build loyalty and improve how they monetize. Our AI understands the context of each content item, recommending it at the right place and time, recirculating the publisher's content and personalizing their audience's experiences across any touchpoint.

Using either light-touch self-serve tools or running deeper integrations with support from Bibblio's engineers, these successful publishers have found smarter ways to deliver value through their sites, gain a better understanding of their audience and return their focus to quality editorial.

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