What's Bibblio?

Recommending a better web

Web users are tired of their favorite sites being filled with links to dumb and irrelevant content.

These so-called “content recommendations” are littering the internet, and we really, really don’t like them.

So we decided to do something about it.

Irrelevant litter
Best content recommendations powered by AI

Bibblio is software which gives publishers the power to recommend their own most relevant and popular content on their webpages.

Our plug-n-play technology uses AI to work out the best content to show users, giving site owners the freedom to let it run whilst they concentrate on other things - like making more great content.

We don't use cookies to track users either - there's too much of that going on as well.

Our goal is to ensure we the users get a much better experience, finding content that’s actually relevant and interesting.

No clickbait distractions, no ads, no deception.

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