Good recommendations = great content experiences

Today's audiences expect your website to show them your best, most relevant content

Give the people what they want

Good recommendations are at the heart of leading content businesses such as Spotify and Netflix. Users now expect that same experience everywhere.

The reward for sites that get this right is more attention, which means higher revenues. Bibblio quickly makes relevant recommendations on your site a reality.

Bibblio related content module showing on a website on a laptop

Recommendations bring results

The benefits of running good recommendations are tangible and measurable. Our clients see an uplift in all their main content KPIs.

Click rate Site engagement Page views

The bad old days

Recommendations used to be done one of two ways - you either chose them manually or used ad-tech like Taboola and Outbrain. This caused a lot of problems.

The manual route meant that recommendations didn’t update when better content was added to the site, as there were no algorithms on hand to constantly monitor the catalog.

The ad-tech route? Well, take a look... 

Ad-tech, we ain't

"All of this has nothing to do with anything I've just read."

The harsh extremes of related content

A modern approach

Bibblio solves these problems. The system is ad-free, gives total flexibility over design and placement, and doesn’t send users away from your site.

Recommendations are chosen by algorithms that analyze the content as well as your audience’s behavior, using your data to ensure relevance and popularity. The system also updates the recommendations as more pertinent content is added.

Make life easy for yourself

It’s possible to build a system yourself, if you’ve got 18 months and the budget to hire machine learning PhDs. You wouldn’t build your own web-hosting architecture though - it just doesn’t pay to reinvent the wheel.

Bibblio gives you the flexibility to take the latest recommendation technology and do whatever you want with it.

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