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The go-to related posts plugin

Bibblio's plugin is the best-in-class related posts AI engine for audience engagement. Quickly and easily add fast-loading, stylish related post modules across your WordPress site to keep your visitors exploring your content.

The plugin improves your bounce rate, lifts page views and increases time on site – three of the four top metrics for better SEO - which means more organic traffic of engaged visitors.

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WordPress plugin module

Bibblio's module on Garagista Media's Bike EXIF

This is by far the best “related content” plugin I’ve found. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t seem to slow down my site and my click-through rate has greatly improved!

Fadra Nally
All Things Fadra

WordPress plugin module

Bibblio's module on London on the Inside

The simple way to increase page views

Use cutting-edge AI to suggest genuinely relevant posts across your site. The same Bibblio tech that runs on National Geographic, Mashable and PC Mag can power your related posts.

In a couple of clicks you can import your content and place stylish pre-designed modules throughout your pages. Page load is lightning-quick because all the processing is handled on our side, making it a fast way to increase page views, dwell time and revenue.

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After testing 4-5 of the most popular options on that same staging site, I can say that Bibblio is the best related posts plugin that I’ve used.

Colin Newcomer

Smart AI for your site

The AI constantly learns from your content, so the more posts you add, the smarter the algorithms become. You can even prioritize more recent or popular posts in your modules to appeal to different user interests. This stand-out freemium plugin is proudly recommended by WP Engine, so try it today!

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WordPress plugin module on Clean Plates

Bibblio's module on Clean Plates

Key features


The heavy-lifting is handled on our side and the modules load after your page, so nothing slows.

Module placement

Easily drop modules at the end of your posts, in widgets, shortcodes or your page template code.


Your featured image is automatically added to each module tile.

Pre-designed modules

Choose from over 150 design combinations to match your site, or override with your own CSS.


Your modules scale gracefully across devices, so the mobile and tablet experience is not compromised.

By popularity

You can choose to show your site's most popular (yet still relevant) suggestions in certain modules.

By recency

Set your modules to suggest only the most recently published content.

Custom post types

Any custom post type can be included in your related posts.

Post control

Manage how your previous or future posts are handled by the plugin.


Easily omit posts that you’d prefer weren’t found via the plugin.


Add query strings to your content URLs to see what your users are clicking on.



Monitor the number of related posts served, your click-through rates and related post storage.


Our comprehensive Help Center and the Bibblio team are available to assist you.

How does it compare?

Related Posts by Bibblio

Related Posts by Bibblio

Jetpack Related Posts

Jetpack Related Posts
The plugin doesn't slow your site, put any significant strain on your database server or feature on any blacklists.
Understands content
The plugin understands your content without you needing to tag posts, saving you time and enabling better connections between your posts.
Powered by smart AI
Related posts are selected by sophisticated machine learning algorithms which adapt and improve continuously.
Highly customizable modules
Choose from lots of templates and modify the modules with your own stylesheet, if needs be.
Flexible placement
Display your related posts at the bottom of your post, in the sidebar or inline using a shortcode.
Active helpdesk
Dedicated assistance that guarantees a response to your queries within 24 hours.
Supports Custom Post Types
Easy activation of all your Custom Post Types.

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