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Recommend your most relevant posts and keep your users exploring longer with our freemium plugin. It's the simplest way to increase your page views and improve your SEO, which means more traffic! Get started for free.

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This is by far the best “related content” plugin I’ve found. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t seem to slow down my site and my click-through rate has greatly improved!

Fadra Nally
All Things Fadra


Quickly add related posts to your site  Whatever sort of WordPress site you’re running, good related posts are the  simplest way to get users to stick around longer and read more of the content  you’ve worked hard to create.  A related posts plugin allows you to place other relevant posts from your site  alongside content as your users browse, so they’ve always got something  interesting to read next.  Related Posts for WordPress uses AI to give you the power of enterprise-grade  content recommendation with the ease and convenience of a plugin. And we don’t  slow down your site.  You can also easily place the plugin anywhere on your page, and we  automatically pull in the feature image as a thumbnail.

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Bibblio Related Posts for WordPress

After testing 4-5 of the most popular options on that same staging site, I can say that Bibblio is the best related posts plugin that I’ve used.

Colin Newcomer

More page views = better SEO = more traffic

100% uplift in CTR on modules 10% uplift in pages per session 10% uplift in dwell time


Bibblio improves your bounce rate, lifts page views and increases time on site – three of the four top metrics for better SEO.

Better SEO means more organic traffic, leading to a virtuous upward cycle. How do we do it?

Related Posts for WordPress looks at your users as well as your content to predict the right content for your audience, and uses cutting edge machine learning technology to constantly improve.

The technologies that drive Netflix, Spotify and The New York Times are available to all and VIP users.

How does it compare?

Related Posts by Bibblio

Related Posts by Bibblio

Jetpack Related Posts

Jetpack Related Posts
The plugin doesn't slow your site, put any significant strain on your database server or feature on any blacklists.
Understands content
The plugin understands your content without you needing to tag posts, saving you time and enabling better connections between your posts.
Powered by smart AI
Related posts are selected by sophisticated machine learning algorithms which adapt and improve continuously.
Highly customizable modules
Choose from lots of templates and modify the modules with your own stylesheet, if needs be.
Flexible placement
Display your related posts at the bottom of your post, in the sidebar or inline using a shortcode.
Active helpdesk
Dedicated assistance that guarantees a response to your queries within 24 hours.
Supports Custom Post Types
Easy activation of all your Custom Post Types.

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